June 29, 2009

Silver & Gold

Ask anyone about their first Rapala experience, and almost every single time, you'll either hear the words 'silver' or 'gold'.

Ah yes, Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold....each time I see those words together, I always think of the Burl Ives snowman in 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reinger...'....but anyway -

Its seems that as of late, it seems like Gold is getting the short end of the stick from Rapala (but not the stock market, thats for sure)

There used to be a time when everything Rapala made always came in Silver & Gold, without fail. I've basically judged the 'compleness' of my tackle box by taking one look at it and thinking to myself, "Ok, do I have one in that size of silver? Yes. Do I have one in Gold? Check & mate."

Nowadays, its not that simple. I'm not just talking about the endless myriad of new lures and exicting patterns, but I'm just taking about the basics. There are plenty of models, particularly those still made of balsa, where you can always bet on it being available in good old fashined 'S' for Silver. But whatever happened to 'G'?

Let's look at some lures as an example, shall we? The Tail Dancer - the original "Limited Edition" ones...Silver, no Gold..same goes for another 'Limited', the LongCast...silver, no gold. Although I must note, that if you are a fisherman in other countries, say Europe or Asia, you can get the original TDs in Gold. Even the newer Tail Dancers come with the new Bleeding Patterns. But still no Gold as a staple. Hmph.

Here's some others that never came in a Gold pattern: Skitter Pop, Skitter Prop, Skitter Walk, Sliver, Glidin Rap, Twitchin Rap (sort of), Jointed Shad Raps, and most notably absent - the Minnow Rap.

And here's a tangent while I'm at it - on the new DT Fat & Flat series (whichj I do love, btw), you can only get them in Gold if you pay (extra) for the Sure Set model. Come to think of it, why does Rapala already take a complex series of patterns, and make them even more complicated by only offering their better colors on Sure Set models?

Come on folks, we all know you have gallons of gold paint in stock. Just slather some on some of those other patterns and there is no way they can lose money.

At least I would certainly buy some.

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